BandCamp Daily Album of the Day  
"Throughout their third album, Flashes of Quincy, the Los Angeles outfit—primarily the vehicle of Jackson Wargo—serves up one sparkling power-pop gem after another..." -J. Edward Keyes

BandCamp Daily Best of Winter 2017
"[Flashes of Quincy proves the merits of taking a familiar template and pushing it to its full, glorious potential."  -J Edward Keyes

"Once you stop marveling at how compelling the songs are, prepare to get knocked every further back by the news that while the band has a bunch of members that play live, the album is a mostly one-man affair, with Jackson Wargo handling all the instruments save the drums and a few guest vocals. Maybe he was stuck inside during a rainy spell as well? I wish all of us could turn out stuff this great in our down time." -Tankboy

Buzz Bands LA
"The band’s obviously caffeinated mastermind Jackson Wargo seems on a campaign to make the world safe for guitars again..."  -Kevin Bronson

New Noise Magazine
"Jackson Wargo’s lyrics are heartfelt and honest to give it a genuine quality. It’s intense and soothing at the same time while walking an artistic fine line that very few bands achieve. The pop aesthetic of it all is contagious to the senses as well."  -Robert Duguay

Primal Music
"The band themselves turn in a magnificent performance across the entire album. The mixing and the production injects nothing but strength into the music; relaying and clearly presenting all the aforementioned opinions and emotions. "  -Cam Phillips

"Snowball ii...manage to combine the pop sensibilities of indie rock stalwarts like Bob Mould, Stephen Malkmus, and Evan Dando with a hint of shoegaze from the venerable My Bloody Valentine playbook. It works bloody well, which makes me angry that more shoegaze bands didn’t head in this direction back in the 90’s instead of just breaking up or getting, well, kind of shit."  -Jamie Coughlan

Culture Creature
"...exploring a sunny realm of grunge-y indie pop songwriting."  -Dan Redding

"...throwback indie sound reminiscent of bands like Pavement with some shoegaze texturing smudged into the guitarwork that is far more buoyant than drone. All in all, I’m really loving this single."

Playback: STL
"Flashes of Quincy is a white-hot grease fire of pure entertainment..." -Mike Rengel

Audio Fuzz
"[Flashes of Quincy] could have been released in 1996 with Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ or Sebadoh’s ‘Harmony,’ but Snowball ii has a sound all its own.  This is not a retread; this is a revitalization of a sound that needs to be revived right now.  Snowball ii is an amazing collective.  In their short existence, they have released a feedback-drenched album, a dream pop album, and now this, maybe their best work ever.  Listen to their whole album, buy it damn it, and jump on board."  -Phil King