Eaton Super 10 April 12, 2019

Eaton Super 10 - Snowball ii

“Powerpop mastery.” -It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“Impressive.” -Gabriel Aikins, Substream

“Masterfully done. . . this EP is more evidence [Wargo]’s not just playing around” -Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands


“Word to the wise: write better songs.” -Harriet Kaplan, Live Music News & Review


Flashes of Quincy February 10, 2017

“Straightforward hit-making” -J. Edward Keyes, Bandcamp Daily

“Contageous to the senses.” -Robert, Duguay, New Noise Magazine

“Wargo seems on a campaign to make the world safe for guitars again.” -Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands

Doughnut Holes September 16, 2016

? February 29, 2016